Achieve financial freedom

Financial freedom has to be personal. Dream big and get specific about your goal. Track your spending throughout the month. If you consistently overspend or underspend in certain areas, you can always adjust the amount in each category.

Track all of your expenses

Of course, it is not possible to achieve the financial freedom without this step (or winning in a lottery). Track everything about your money. Expenses, incomes, transfers, etc. Maybe you will be surprised how much money you spend on Netflix, Spotify, and other services every single month.


Together with your partner

We are on the mission to help you with achieving the financial freedom. For all your family. You should exactly know how much money your family spends.


Create groups and share it with others. Your family members or project coworkers. Everyone can add expenses to the group. You can analyze how much money that project costs so far or your family spends for the last month.


Only you can add expenses to your account. Only you will see the money on your accounts.


Savee works on both Android and iOS.


Track your expenses in any currency. We will convert them for you. You will see how much money you have in USD, NZD, CZK, EUR, ...

Bank Accounts, Wallets, ...

You can create as many accounts as you want. Banks. Investments. It is up to you.

Categories and Labels

Attach categories and labels to your expenses. See where your money goes. Understand your spendings.

Shared Groups

You can create a group for your family, trip, business, ... See how much you have spent already and who has spent the most.


We are here for you.

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